use NotesPen how to 

How to use Notespen

NotesPen is a web application and easy to use just login/signup with your email address and click on add notes or  button on the top right menu bar and create your notes

To make your Notes Private?
When creating/edit your notes you can set your notes to Private, which is only visible to you.

How to use the Text editor?
Text editor is so simple to use, enter your title so you will remember your notes or it is useful when searching for it,
1) You can select the text and click on Formats menu to format your text in your notes or use any of the tools like for Bold, I for Italic and alignments or any external links.

for more see our documentation (updating soon...)

How to favourite a Note?
You may like someone's Notes or want to save it somewhere so that you can read it later on, use the Favourite icon on the notes to save notes into your favourites and you can easily access by clicking on on the menu bar.

How to see all my Notes?
To see all your notes, click on your profile name or click on icon on the menu bar there you can sort your notes by Public, Private or Draft.

How to see my Dashboard?
Click on icon you will see all your Notes stats, you can see how many people added your Notes to their favourites and list of all drafts and any notifications from the Notespen.