NotesPen  Features 

NotesPen Features

NotesPen has all the best features required for text editing and stats to see all the activities.

Dashboard: Your dashboard show your notes stats (Public / Private / Drafted Notes) and all your Public Notes statistics and your drafts, any Notifications for NotesPen.

Notes List: you will see all your Notes categorized as Public / Private / Draft

Favorites: A list of all your Favorite Notes will be displayed here, whenever you read an Notes just click on to make any Public Notes as favorite.

Add Note: When you add a new Note, you will have option to format your Notes, if you are IT geek want to save your script we have the detailed documentation for you. see here for documentation(adding soon...)

PDF download: If you like any notes your can mark as your Favorite or download as pdf if you want to read later on or save.

Autosave: Once you created your notes, your notes will be automatically saved, no need to worry about loosing your notes.

Search: If are looking any solutions or any notes using or Search to find the notes by tags or keywords.

more will be added soon...