notespen using editor 

How to add notes in NotesPen

When you login you will see Add Note button on the right side or use to add new notes.

Using NotesPen editor:
Using Notespen editor is so easy like you use other text editing Softwares,

At present we are supporting only a few key formatting tools like Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, left align, centre, right align, number index, Header tags and code and link and unlink.

How to use tools?
For example, if you want to Bold any text, just highlight the text and click on on the toolbar same applies to all the tools

How to add code to your notes?
Start by typing #code start# and enter your code and end with #code end# without spaces simple when you view the notes you will see the code snippet.

NOTES: don't try to enter an invalid code or any other tracking code, it will be automatically ignored and deleted.

How to save Notes?
Press save button once, from next time your notes will be automatically saved every 20secs, so you don't need to worry about losing your notes.

You can make your notes Public if you want to share your notes with public or make it Private if you want to make it secret or when you in middle of preparing your document make it Draft, so next time when you login or browsing it will show you all the drafts to complete.