About NotesPen

NotesPen is an online web application for the one who wants to save their notes, Like me we all read stuff from the internet or find a solutions for our question but we never save in one place, I sometimes save my notes on my PC and some in my office PC, but when I need from any remote location I can't access them, I use Notes from Apple it synchronise in all devices but I can't do much with that Notes, I can't share with others to know their feedback on some of the questions I have, So I created NotesPen to store all my Notes in one place so that I can access anywhere I need. 

I added few more options like adding tags to my notes so that I can search for my notes easily or I make my notes public so others may be interested in or I make my notes Private if I have anything I want to keep it secret or when I start writing something I make my notes draft, so It will be visible for me in my account to complete my notes.

Keep saving your notes
NotesPen Team